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Our Services

Psychiatric Evaluation

One on one evaluation with our Board Certified Child Psychiatrist or Family Nurse Practitioner to assess mental health needs.

Medication Management

One on one sessions with our medical staff to assess psychiatric needs for medication and symptom management.

Comprehensive Clinical Assessments

One on one clinical assessments with our licensed staff to gather information for mental health needs.

Individual, Group, & Family Counseling

Personalized counseling services provided to children, adolescents, and adults. Our professional clinicians meet with individuals to develop and work on goals to develop coping skills to live a better life.

Substance Abuse Counseling

Personalized substance abuse counseling services to address addictive behaviors and substances that impact life. The client and therapist develop goals together to achieve desired results.

Early Childhood Mental Health Services

In 2018 Wrights Care Services contracted with SRCA Head Start/Early Head Start to provide school based services to preschoolers in their natural learning environment. Specialized treatment include play therapy, parenting skills, and coaching to teachers.

School Based Counseling

Counseling services provided to students in need of emotional support on site at their school. Coaching and support provided to teachers.

Intensive In Home Services

Intense services provided for children and their families to promote healthy relationships and to improve daily life within the family and community

Community Support Team

Our CST program assists adults in reducing their emotional symptoms to enable recovery through the support of a professional team

Training and Consultation Services

With clinical experts on staff we have developed specific trainings to meet our community needs.

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